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Here’s a word from some of our valued customers/clients that we’ve worked with over the years.



Dhanush L
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Athletic leaders is one of the realest gyms out there. Coach Gran is the definition of strength, fitness and health. He’s an amazing mentor and human being..not to mention he always makes the classes fun and dynamic. AL is not like other mainstream gyms that only care about $$ and don’t truly care about their clients or even potential new clients. Highly recommend AL for those that want to get to the point of health and fitness, while being supported by Gran, the other coaches and the AL family.
Kristen Nembhard
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I am not a confident athlete and was nervous about beginning my fitness journey. Coach Granville was very understanding and supportive. He created workouts that I was challenged by, but able to complete. It made training interesting and gave me a sense of accomplishment. This allowed my confidence to build and as a result I was comfortable to push harder. Coach Granville maintained a balance of being understanding, but also encouraging me to do better in a way that was helpful and not intimidating. The bonus was that it was a lot of fun!
Ryan McGuire
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I wanted to write this recommendation for Athletic leaders. The expertise and guidance Granville has provided through my sons strength training sessions have been nothing short of amazing!! His consistent updates and redesigning of his sessions keeps progressing consistently. The results were faster than expected!” My son looks forward to each workout as he is seeing the results and can’t wait to learn and do more. Granville is not just a great coach but a huge mentor. Granville leads by example with his positive, give it all you got character and my son really looks up to him. I will also be joining my son and signing up with Athletic leaders. They are truly top shelf!
Dornalee Browne
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I have been an Athletic Leaders member for 10 years plus! Hands down the BEST fitness program you will ever participate in. There is something for everyone. I love the variety of the program which compliments the research on "muscle confusion" in order to get results. Coach Granville and his staff are results driven. I definitely have seen significant changes in my body since I started, but beyond that, the mindset change I've experienced is most important! This mindset that I learned from AL about fitness and nutrition carries over to every aspect of my life. Even with the pandemic, I was able to get results training daily in Athletic Leaders' virtual classes. The group training atmosphere is very motivating and the members are always encouraging each other. I recommend you give Coach G a call and he will tell you what he told me: "Why wait? Get started NOW!!" Those words spurned on my fitness journey and I have never looked back! Join Athletic Leaders.... TODAY!
chantal prescod
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Athletic Leaders changed my life. They gave me the tools I needed to learn to love working out. Never had I ever seen results and been motivated the way I had with the AL team! Coach Granville comes highly recommended, as he works hard with you to achieve any of your health and fitness goals.
Shaun Persaud
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Athletic Leaders is a gym that is second to none. The workouts and programs are designed with purpose and will help you achieve your fitness goals. Granville and his coaching staff are very knowledgeable and create a very welcoming environment - they truly care about their clients. Training at Athletic Leaders has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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