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Athletic Leaders is a Mississauga fitness gym who’s dedicated to helping women and men improve their level of fitness so they can gain back confidence, be healthy, and enjoy a better quality of life

Athletic leaders

the best place to get fit.

Athletic Leaders is a strength training facility that guarantees results in 12 weeks. All of our trainers are certified and always learning to bring you the best workouts you’ll ever experience. If you’re looking for results and thrive in a positive training environment, look no further than Athletic Leaders, best Mississauga fitness gym.

"Athletic leaders is one of the realest gyms out there. Coach Gran is the definition of strength, fitness and health. He’s an amazing mentor and human being..not to mention he always makes the classes fun and dynamic."

Owner of Athletic Leaders in Mississauga, Granville Mayers is a StrongFirstTeam Leader. Not only has he helped countless individuals achieve jaw-dropping transformations, but he is a life long student. 

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Lose bodyfat, gain lean muscle, have more energy, and see a completely different person when you look in the mirror every morning, all in just 12 Weeks.

This program has worked for thousands of people just like you, and we’re confident it will work for you as well.